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2021-08-12 미국법조협회(ABA)와의 공동 웨비나

2021-08-04 10:40

ABA-KAPP Webinar
Recent Trends of Data Privacy Legislation in South Korea


Time: 10 AM EDT, August 12, 2021 (23:00 KST August 12, 2021)


Lawmakers all around the world have struggled with finding balance between keeping up with the pace of innovation and protecting people from potential privacy threats. South Korea enacted most advanced data privacy laws among Asian countries. Scholar who got actively involved in the legislative process--a board member of the Korea Association of Personal Data Professionals and a member of Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee-- and a leading lawyer in the data privacy area will introduce the recent amendment in data privacy laws and academic and practical discussions surrounding it.


Jungmihn Jamie Ahn (Hallym University)

Maria Hajiyerou (Kim&Chang)

Inyoung Cheong (Public Policy Adviser to KAPP, ABA ePrivacy Committee Webinar Coordinator)

Welcoming Remarks:
Kyoungjin Choi (President of KAPP, Gachon University)


Join us to learn from top-notch Korean scholar and lawyer about the recent privacy legislative trends in South Korea while introducing a comprehensive landscape of the data privacy acts in South Korea, which has pioneered privacy legislation in Asia.


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