Everything in the world has become data, and it has become a world-changing era. Artificial intelligence, which will be a key driver of future society, and the upcoming intelligence information society cannot all be realized without data. No one can deny that the competitiveness of future societies depends on how well data is collected and utilized.

The most valuable thing among the countless data that exists in the world is our personal data related to our people. From global big-tech companies to small and medium-sized companies and startups, we are constantly striving to obtain personal data and utilize it for our business.

Personal data is data about people who are the center of the world. Misuse of this personal data or neglect of management puts people at risk of damaging their fundamental rights and freedom in a data-driven society. So personal data must be well protected and handled safely. The importance of protecting personal data in proportion to its value cannot be overlooked.

Korea Association of Personal Data Professionals (KAPP) discusses the desirable development directions of personal data laws, systems, technologies, and practices in all areas, including work area, industry, expertise, and practice.

KAPP dreams of a world where people benefit as much as possible from the development of society and economy through the processing and utilization of personal data while guaranteeing people’s basic values through data privacy. KAPP will be at the center for balanced development through the safe use of personal data in a world led by data.

Thank you.


Chairman, KAPP